Tuesday, November 27, 2012

colour experiments

We have a cupboard under the stairs, and in it, i keep a collection of craft supplies, science equipment, games and projects. Some get brought out for various homeschooling sessions. Mostly all secondhand, this is a treasure trove of ideas, learning and fun. Lately, when Jed is at a loose end, or is looking for some inspiration, he'll go and rummage in that cupboard and i am loving witnessing what comes next.
I was busy upstairs when i heard the squeak of the cupboard door. (We live in an eighty metre square house, it is hard not to hear everything!) Absolute silence followed. For a very long time. Now, this boy can disappear into books for a mighty long time, but you mama's out there will know that any protracted silence is worth checking out.
 I found him on the deck, in the morning sun, very busy.
He has unlimited access to anything from the kitchen cupboards and has his own stash of white vinegar and baking soda and this time, he'd commandeered the food colouring. Busy trying to figure out how to mkae stripes of colour in test tubes and a very fetching turquoise.
The lab gear is real. I gifted it to him last Solstice, bought off trademe from another young scientist who had since gone onto university. The kid is more careful than me with glass ware. I could start a weekly feature on the blog entitled 'experiments'. One of us is usually brewing or investigating something.

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  1. How wonderful that he has such a sense of curiosity and such an enquiring mind, and that you have provided him with all the raw materials he needs. You must have been thrilled to see the experiments underway.