Thursday, November 22, 2012


During a pit stop at a new favourite charity shop we unearthed a big bag of ribbons. All new, all very red and green and gold and all for $2, with a little tinsel thrown in for fun. That's our wrapping and decorating and crafting needs taken care of right there!
This elf came home with us too. We have a Solstice tradition of adding to our elf house every year and this wee fellow will be a lovely addition to our play. You can peek in HERE.
I love the weaving of family culture and tradition that comes with parenting. Jed is so excited. He's losing sleep already. (It could be a long month!). He knows what to expect now.
One of the things we do this month is have a good clean out of old toys, weed out those stubborn piles... a bit of a late spring clean. A sort of a making space for the festivities and presents to come.
Jed is also planning his parcels to give to charity. Presents to make or buy to wrap for kids who may not otherwise receive any. Food to put into a hamper to donate.
Finds like the ribbon bag make me feel the pinch of my own financial strain less. Thinking of the many people who are juggling two or three jobs just to make ends meet (some of which i went to school with) and hardly get to see their children remind me to appreciate the many blessings i have.


  1. Wow, that is a timely find..lovely. We have just done the same thing, cleaned out the toy box and the bedrooms and donated them to the op-shop. I just love the excitement in the house at the moment. Jxxx

    1. I have been so grateful, daily, for that bag of ribbon lately! Tomorrow is our big day for clearing it was peppermint cream and sugar cookie making day. Exciting times! x