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Gabrielle's Katipo costume- The Dress Up Box

This is a guest post for the Dress Up Box series by the lovely Gabrielle of 'Life in Our busy household'. She is one crafty lady. If you haven't checked her need to!

With 4 children ranging in age from 3 -17yrs there has been, and there still are a lot of Dress Ups in our house. Many of the costumes our eldest played in are still worn by the younger children. I think we have a costume for almost every Harry Potter character as well as witches, ghost, most animals and quite a number of super capes. I’ve found the best way to inspire the children to dress up is to hang the costumes on a bamboo pole in their room, changing the costumes every few weeks.

The main times we add to this collection are for birthday parties and especially at Halloween. The small people get to tell me what they want to be and I do my best to make their costumes from thrifted materials I have at home, or ones we look out for in the Oppy’s and the occasional prop from Geoff’s Emporium , which is my go to place for ribbon, ricrac, cottons, and all sorts of haberdashery essentials.
Today I thought I would share the pattern for the little Spider Costume I made Arlo for Halloween 2 years ago.
In the picture Harriet is wearing a Dorothy Costume I originally made for her elder sister and Billy is wearing a thrifted 70s polyester suit with a cape made from some thrifted fabric. We are quite partial to a vintage themed costume around here.

Isabella in the costume 7yrs previously with Harriet as Alice in Wonderland – also a handmade costume.

Today I thought I would share the pattern for the little Spider Costume I made Arlo for Halloween 2 years ago.
 The main bit of the costume was made from a vintage romper pattern.
The front was cut from a shiny lining fabric and the back from a textured fabric.

Before sewing up the back I cut a red cross from felt and stitched that onto the centre back. Katipo’s actually have a stripe but I took a bit of designer license and made a cross instead.
The legs were made by cutting 4 rectangles, 18cm x  40cm, folding them in half sewing along the side and bottom seams then stuffing them.
I then sewed them into the side seams of the romper.
He wore the romper over black tights and a black long sleeved all in one with little black converse and I made a hat to complete the look.

The hat was made by measuring round his head and cutting 2 semicircles each half the circumference of his head, or you could trace round an existing Beanie, and using the hot glue gun to attach 8 eyes I found at Geoff’s.
Off Trick or Treating, the costume has fitted for 2 years now. I always wonder what costumes they will come up with next.

See...isn't she clever? Gorgeous katipo costume. So very much nicer than any you can buy. And i just love that photo of the Dorothy costume 7 years earlier with the littler Isabella and Harriet. You can find Gabrielle's blog HERE. Thanks for guest posting at GrowMama Gabrielle, you and Ange are some of those mama's i look to for inspiration. xxx

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