Wednesday, November 21, 2012

the first day of summer

I hereby proclaim today the first day of summer. The sun shone, the kids were swimming in the stream and a beer may have been imbibed on the deck before the dishes got done this evening.
The first beautiful warm day in ages and i was inexplicably grumpy. It may have been triggered by my sewing machine which is working overtime preparing for Kraftbomb market this Sunday. It started doing wierd things to my vintage linen and well, things spiralled into grumpy from there. I just kept making silly mistakes.
Mistakes amended, we bailed to the garden for a change of scene, taking the picnic blanket and a delicious simple lunch with us. Best decision i made all day. Sigh and big outbreath and curling of toes....
 We ate, we lounged, we chatted, we laughed, we made daisychains and Jed made friends with a baby mouse. I made half hearted effort to weed the vegetable garden and ended up just taking photos and enjoying the warmth of the day and the company.
Sometimes, letting go is required. And a nap. I love taking a nap, it's like a mini-vacation from the day.A little self indulgent sidestep off the treadmill that can be our days.


  1. I proclaimed it was the first day of summer yesterday too and got shot down in flames by several people! It was a gorgeous day & today is pretty darn good too - the vege plants are thriving from all the rain & now all the heat. Lovely, just lovely!

    1. I even have some bolting salad plants its been that hot and dry the last days...summer!