Friday, December 21, 2012

i love my red shoes

 Look what arrived in the post!
My very own red clogs from Lotta from Stockholm. I had been coveting these on various people and blogs and lookbooks for ooooo, awhile now. I put them in the 'out of my range' basket. But, if they ever popped up on or, miracle upon miracle...the thrift store, in my size, i would fall upon them in a trice. Less than that, whatever a trice is.
As it turns out, none of the above miracles were required. Inspired by the stunning pair the lovely Ange bought Gabrielle for her birthday (you know who you are!), I went onto the Lotta from Stockholm website and wondered. If i earned enough from markets, did a few commissions and started a wee 'red shoe' fund...could i do it?
Shipping to NZ wasn't clear, so I emailed Lotta to find out costs. She offered me a blog prize. Swoon, me, yes, really! I didn't hear from her for ages and part of me thought it was too good to be true. But I wondered, was she okay? People don't just disappear like that. She was just run off her feet, poor thing. They are in hot demand, these shoes. Now I have a pair, I can see why. Part vixen, part little red riding hood, with a vintage vibe but thoroughly modern, these shoes are well made are super comfy. I was surprised how comfortable they were. I got the soft sole version and I am glad, I love them.
I had wrapped an extra-special book up for Jed to celebrate our first two terms homeschooling (such an awesome journey to be on) and when these arrived and i was dancing around with my new red shoes on laughing...Jed joined in. He looked up and said, 'Mama, I think these are your prize for being the best homeschooling mama ever, in the whole googolplexes of worlds and universes.' Aw!

Lotta has a sale on right now, click on over and check it out. These very same shoes are on the sale list.
Click HERE to be magically transported. Say hi to Lotta for me.


  1. LOVE them! So how much is the shipping to NZ? My red salt water sandals are nearly worn away and I can't be without a pair of red shoes!

  2. Yes, how much was the shipping? I love them too! Hmmm thinking a pair of those might have to be my 2013 goal.

  3. There is something about red shoes huh?! Shipping from the UK to NZ costs eleven pounds, that's about $21.50 NZ. If you need further encouragement along the path of acquisition of super comfy fantastic red clogs....ladies, you know where to find me!

  4. aren't they great I have to give my other shoes a look in, next on my wish list are some of Lotta's boots

  5. Oh love the clogs. I could see them on my feet ; )

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