Monday, December 17, 2012

mountain rescue happy

We have the best time, my boy and i, coming up with good presents for his people.  Jed's cousin Arlo just turned 4. He lives in the mountains in New Zealand's South Island and is really, really into rescue.
So...we got to work.
The mountain rescue shirt, accompanied by a 10 metre length of soft cotton weave rope, was the result.
Arlo had a pirate theme party...but he wore his mountain rescue shirt. Success!
Giving something heartfelt and handmade (ish) is such a buzz.
Jed is proud and still riding that high. (And, planning many more handpainted tshirt's shaping up to be a busy week around here!)

An aside: Folks, i am loving all your wonderful comments and emails, i really am. I am touched and honoured. And i will reply to may take me a wee while, but i'll get there. xx


  1. What a fantastic present; it's such fun to make your own. This year I'm making my own cards, as I do each year.

    1. wonderful fun, making is so lovely to receive handmade, i love the traditions that are growing around this season...

  2. Fantastic! I'm particularly impressed with how tidy the handmade font is :)

    1. Ha... Those years of practice making banners and posters have paid off! x