Wednesday, December 26, 2012

summer camping

Months and months ago we booked a long weekend camping at one of the National Parks on the East Coast not far from Auckland. Tawharanui. It turned out to be the perfect weekend of summer weather.
 The little fella's found some beautiful rock pools. Ideal for learning to snorkel in.
 And rich in hermit crabs, kina (sea urchin), little fish, cats eyes and friendship.
We went with my cousin and his family. He and i used to be tight back in my tomboy days. And he has the coolest lady out as his partner and mama to his kids. I do believe my cousin and i just may have tried our first cigarette together under their house. Only to blow into bubbles you understand.
Now we get to watch our kids at play together. The boys just went off for hours. Adventuring about. Laying traps, spying on the wildlife and sneaking off with homebaking from time to time.
It was a pleasure to step out of daily life for a bit. To be on the east coast, not quite so crazy waves as where we live and white sand, as opposed to our black.
The campground is run by DOC. (Dept of Conservation) and the whole park is surrounded by a predator fence. There are kiwi! If you're looking for electricity and a camp store, this is not your place. It has a long drop toilet and a tap for water. All we need. It was awesome.
 And those boys...i just love it.
They spent hours combing the beach for these jellyfish washed up by the high tide...there were two rather large piles of them by the end of one beach trip. They found a dead blue penguin too. And dutifully buried it, with a little ceremony. Special days. I can't wait to go again.

So, we're all packed for our road trip, the housesitters are ready to move in...but i have a little guy with a fever still and we're just seeing what each day brings. In case we do get to adventure off tomorrow, i will say my goodbyes now. Fare thee well friends. It's been a pleasure sharing this space with you.
I have loved your comments and emails (so many!) and treasure the connections and friendships that have grown from this blogspace. Wonderful!
I will see you in the New Year.
I'm thinking it's going to be great.


  1. Oh enjoy Tawharanui - we are at Tapapakanga this year

    1. oooh, another lovely spot, though i have only been there during Splore...keep meaning to go camp there. enjoy!

  2. Tawharanui is a magical place; how wonderful to be there, and have others to share it with. I'm only just back on the blog after many computer problems, so it's good to catch up. Have a great road trip and I hope the fever passes.

    1. Glad to hear you are through the technical can be so frustrating. The illness lasted ten days, all through the holiday period, but, it was quiet and connecting and perfect in its own way. x