Monday, December 24, 2012

these days...

May these days bring you love, joy, connection, good food, safety, cosiness, clean water, friends and family close. Whatever you believe, whatever you celebrate, whatever hemisphere you dwell in...may these days bring all you need. And more.
I am cosied up close with a little fellow with a fever. I feel blessed. To be here, to be on this journey with this old soul come to me as my son. To be happy in this blog space, with you all. To be looking out over stormy skies and a strangely calm sea. To have a clean bill of health from the doctor today, despite a broken toe, broken vein in my finger and a piece of labadorite embedded in my palm. (Honestly, the wierd random'd think the universe was trying to tell me something...)
I feel grateful for budding traditions, for the Solstice fairies and their escapades. For homemade goodness , vintage gifts and our garden's bounty.
 For Jed's discovery of a peppermint cream recipe that begged to be tried. Simple, fun and deeeelicious!
 And even more so dipped in chocolate!
 And the ever decadent peppermint bark. All the more special for only being made this one time of year.
I am grateful for the make-do, make it yourself attitude we have around here...utilising vintage jars and thrifted ribbons to package up home-made sugar cookies and sweets we made ourselves. We have been busy, Jed and I. Learning about how love is an ingredient in cooking, and how touched folks are to receive a beautiful handmade gift. And how very good it feels to give.
And I am grateful for family. Biological, created, chosen, adopted and in it's many guises.
Happy days my lovelies.
I look forward to sharing the New Year with you.

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  1. Merry Christmas Anissa to you and your lovely family. Have a lovely day tomorrow. Jxxx