Thursday, January 17, 2013

change of plan

Big plans for visiting, adventures further afield and general fun abroad have been curtailed by one very old and tired car. We broke down on the hottest day of summer yet. Luckily I managed to get the car off the steep windy road and only half block a side road. (Thank you, o understanding residents of aforementioned road!). We made a potential bummer of a thing into an adventure. Jed found us a shady spot on the edge of the bush, we had just come from the library and the orchard.(I decided being adventurers was the only way to go. It was one of those laugh or cry choices)
And so, while we work out the next car, and the finance to manifest it, home is where it is at. Local adventures only. And, once I let go of my's been a beautiful week. 

We have eaten good food, baked, gardened, and have been fully immersed in the world of the Hobbit as told by David Wenzl. The small one picked up a copy of a children's graphic novel (check these images out!...HERE). Yesterday found us eeling (we always put them back), picnicing and snuggled up reading the hobbit in a secret and very Shire-like glade. I would have passed it over as being too 'old' for him, but, with a teeny tiny bit of editing (i can still get away with that, just) and all those amazing pictures, his eyes were wide, body tensing with every suspenseful page and laughing at Bilbo's antics. So much happens way before i thought in this parenting journey.

And, on an up note, since i haven't been distracted with all these summer happenings and gatherings i have gotten a surprising amount of work done. Job applications, consulting, contract pitches and writing all happening at top speed over here. Which is good, because i never want to be this low on funds again. Sigh. 
This's going to be an awesome just wait and see!

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  1. What great creativity and flexibility you are showing, in dealing with this situation. I have very fond memories of reading The Hobbit to my son when he was about 10. Good luck with manifesting more wealth this year. It's no fun being short of cash.