Wednesday, January 9, 2013

flowers in the vegetable patch

The vegetable garden is a joint project. This year Jed insisted on planting some flowers as well as vegetables. I grow herbs for medicinal and culinary use but haven't grown any flowers for the pure joy of it since I left France.
He chose the seedlings at the plant nursery and has been carefully tending them. Great excitement when they started flowering.
We got home from our second roadtrip of the season to a truly wild garden and in between the weeds, those flowers were looking magnificent. I don't think i will go back to a pure vegetable garden again, it brings me such pleasure to find Jed's wild flowers peeking out from between the vegetables.
I am slowly reclaiming the garden...everything has bolted with the sudden heat and we always have to keep the ever encroaching bush back. Even though i weeded, there is still one monster towering above everything else....
Jed's sunflower he grew from seed (blogpost about our nifty seedling pots HERE) is enormous! It withstood the tail end of the cyclone that blew through here, it's stalk is like a young tree at the base. It's truly a wonder. It's three or four times the size of all the other sunflowers. I'm looking forward to watching the birds harvest the seeds on this one. 


  1. Everything looks amazing, I adore cornflowers, wish I had grown some! Jx

  2. I love the colour of cornflowers, ever since collecting them when i lived in europe. You might have noticed that i tend to the jungle permaculture sort of method of gardening!