Monday, January 21, 2013

Local Goodness: Go Jo's

Local Goodness. It's a new series here at GrowMama.
I'll be profiling or taking a peek into various cool businesses, products and places aroundabout here. 
We're talking eco-minded, progressive smaller endeavours, with a definite more'ish quality.
How to define the boundaries of what is local to me? I'm going to take liberties there.
Even if you don't live around here, we can all do with a dollop of inspiration and a dose of voyeurism into someone else's heartfelt worklife, no?! 
If you need to buy something, shop local and give your money where it'll count...give it to the good people! Support local goodness.

To start off, I bring you Go Jo's Recycled Clothing in Auckland's New Lynn. 
A fun place to visit. Jo, the owner, is bubbly delicious and if you ask her if something looks can trust her answer. I always appreciate that in a store owner. 
Vintage mingles with designer here. 
She seeks out beautiful clothes and accessories to pass onto you. You know how some people have an eye for the good stuff? Yup, Jo has it.
There's a $5 rack, and most things are between $10 and $14. Though the pristine vintage can go up to $40.
It's your one-stop-shop for all your clothing needs and vintage finds. Jo is handy with the sewing machine, and does beautiful work upcycling vintage clothes to modern standards and making sure everything on the racks is in good order. It's a pearl of a place to explore. Say hi from me.

Email me any suggestions for future Local Goodness posts. Or leave a comment. xxx


  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to come shopping at Go Jo. I'm thrilled you have shared your experience about my store on your blog. Often people tell me I should be in another area but the local people I meet are very special and I count you as one of them.
    Look forward to seeing next time - Jo

    1. Thanks for your kind words Jo. Fabulous finds are great but you are a big part of what makes the store special you know, your energy makes it all come alive.
      I will always look forward to coming in and saying hi (and having a rummage!)

  2. oooh I love GO JO a great find and the owner is lovely and very helpful. Must get back there with some girlfriends soon.