Wednesday, January 2, 2013

summer roadie

We are back home after a summer roadtrip to see friends and family. The little guy totally had us fooled that he was feeling a whole lot better after a few days not being well over Christmas. He didn't want to miss out on the trip. We ended up in Whanganui Hospital waiting rooms the next afternoon. Note to self: follow that instinct. Bother. But no dull moments in the waiting room... DIY jobs gone very wrong, kids out of control on stolen hospital wheelchairs, police officers handcuffed to some unfortunate dude, screaming children and one very sick Jed. Stink. Poor kid, many sleepless nights and the quietest Christmas and New Year ever. Still, it wasn't contagious, and he got to see his cousins and his people. And would like to do it all again next week. A big lot of love and thanks to our people for the gentle places of refuge along the way.
 Meanwhile, all the world is in bloom here in the Southern Hemisphere.
 Summer is in full swing.
 The pohutakawa's are on the wane as we leave Christmas in our wake.
And there is plenty of time for dreaming up trees ahead.
Summer. Ahhhh...
And Happy New Year everyone. I have a good feeling about this one. xx


  1. sorry Jed wasn't so well. Hope your 2013 is fabulous...and it should definately be the year we catch up for that coffee xx

    1. YES! So many things unfolding this year to catch up. Thinking of you all in house flux! xx