Saturday, January 19, 2013

sunday reading

It's ten on Sunday morning. It's raining. My view of the sea is a blur of grey. I am still in my pyjama's and beginning to think about Mexican Eggs for brunch. It's the perfect morning. Just what i needed. Nowhere to rush off to. The little guy is busy inventing an air filter in his room. All is peaceful.

I worked for a friend yesterday, catering a wedding. Long hours, hot, hard and fast work. Fabulous team and delicious food. I loved it. It had been awhile since I did this work (I used to cook, with Sky, for 100+ at Twin Oaks Community every Friday, and various other large gatherings and conferences) and i had forgotten how much i enjoyed it. Plus, working for a beautiful, uber-talented and calm-in-the-face-of-the-creative-catering-adrenalin-rush friend....oof, that lady is nothing short of brilliant. Get in touch Aucklander's, if you have an event coming up! I'll hook you up.

And today. The opposite. Home. Quiet. Rain.  Soggy cat and pottering child. And a reading mama.
I have stumbled across some lovely blogs lately and wanted to share them with you.
I am enjoying:

Enjoying the Small things - this beautiful woman spent over half of her pregnancy on bedrest to be able to keep growing her committed and incredible is that?! Her story reads a bit like mine, i am wondering how that would work for me...bed rest for months. Hmm.
And Stella's post 'Comparison is the thief of a really good parent' has stayed with me...well said Sister!

A little Sunday reading for you. (Or Saturday, my readers in the north!)
A happy weekend to you.

(Okay, so it is not January the 8th. Sorry for any confusion, we were playing with our new vintage calendar - a great way to learn dates- and the photo with the 20th on it turned out all blurry. Rest assured, it really is the 20 of January.)

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