Thursday, January 10, 2013

the rainbow warrior is here

                    The RW III arriving in Northland. Photo credit: Greenpeace/Nigel Marple. 2013.

I have vivid memories of the original Rainbow Warrior being bombed in our harbour. That act and it's aftermath was key in introducing me to social justice, environmental work and well...sent me down a pretty amazing life path. I returned to New Zealand to work for Greenpeace NZ after 16 years working internationally and ended up being one of the main organisers of the memorial events of the 20th anniversary of the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior I. With a concert at the St James here in Auckland, the recording of 'Anchor Me' in commemoration, service up in Matauri Bay where she lies in her watery grave, speech's, inspiring open boats, and incredible volunteers giving their all to make it all was an amazing time. I even got to cook on board for a few days and get to know the crew. I will never forget sailing under the Auckland Harbour Bridge at sunset.
It is totally understandable that the Rainbow Warrior is Greenpeace's flagship. They are onto number three.
The Rainbow Warrior stands for justice in the face of all odds. It stands for hope. We need that.

The Greenpeace version of Anchor Me, with some of NZ's finest musicians is HERE. Sheesh, i heard that song SO many times in it's making! Brings shivers hearing again now years later.

The Rainbow Warrior III is in New Zealand for the first time and you can get on board. Open Boats are running all this weekend in Auckland. Dates are listed for Bluff, Dunedin, Wellington and Stewart Island...
Visit the Warrior's website, The Future is Here: Click HERE.

And, today, after the powhiri to welcome the Rainbow Warrior into Auckland harbour, a wreath was laid in the water for Raechel Arles, who passed away unexpectedly on the 7th of January. Damn the broken down old car and surprise writing deadline that stopped me from being there. I know she would understand. Raych was a ray of light in the world, so passionate and caring. I have run out of words, and cannot decide on a photo to post..i want to post ten and that still wouldn't sum this beautiful woman up. The world was so very much richer for you walking it Raych.

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