Thursday, February 7, 2013

2013 Incredible Year Calendar and Workbook

Very late at night i bought and downloaded Leonie Dawson's 2013 Calendar and Workbook. Oh. My.
For those of you that haven't met Leonie, think bright colours. Think of a bright eyed mama living her dream. Think of bubbles and sheer determination. Think a very broad Australian accent and wild expressive hand gestures. And of someone who has much to share with the world.
Her calendar and workbook are just what i needed. About $12 NZ is so cheap for something potentially life changing don't you think?!
Working through the workbook (one of my goals is to be able to afford to get next years one copied in colour!), is helping me hugely. It's helping me get clear on what i want to create and it's giving me guidance on how to make those dreams come true. I have the Life Edition, so it's pretty holistic. I wish i had found these years ago. I feel like i am just shaking off the 'sleepless mother of young child' fog, and magical though this parenting time has been, it's time to shake off some dusty dreams and get back on it.
I wanted to share them with you. I was so inspired by the workbook myself that i signed up to be an affilliate. Every copy bought through clicking on the little 2013 Calendar and workbook link on the right side bar there or by clicking on the link below, earns me a commission...50% no less. But i would plug them for free. I'm like that.
May 2013 bring all the colour photocopies we need...and more. xx
No time is too late to start dreaming up a great year. Feel free to email me if you want to know more. 

Or click HERE to be taken to Leonie-land.

(Apologies to those who tried to link through the ad on the side bar and couldn't....all fixed now, click away!)


  1. Hi Anissa - just to let you know the side bar ad is not taking me to the site, the link at the bottom does however.

    1. Thanks Sam, i'll look into that when i get home to GrowMama headquarters later. x

    2. i did it! all fixed...thanks so much to sam and others who let me know it that link wasn't working. x