Monday, February 4, 2013

all time favourite play things

The shop Jed got for his third birthday made another comeback. It was set up for more than a year in his corner of our little house at first. Now and then it comes out to be set up on the deck. It is still as popular as ever. I love toys the kids play with differently as they get older. If i buy anything, i like to think it will still be around and loved, years later. This shop had already been well loved by a family before us. It came complete with european little boxes and tins of 'food', scales, cash register, phone, shelves and drawers. Even if Jed grows out of it, i am not sure i will. It may have to be integrated into a shop or market display in the future!
photo circa 2010

My other all time favourite play items for the 1-5 year olds:

a set of wooden bowls and spoons 
tea set
lengths of rope
train set
magic wand
silk and muslin play cloths
wooden swords and shield
our drawer of dress-ups 
homemade playdough
a wooden marble run
magnetic fishing game 
brainbox set
homemade doctors kit
big cardboard boxes to transform
Thunderbird's vintage Tracy island and rockets
Jed's collection of vintage cars and building machinery
Child's broom
Little gardening tools
 craft box 

Most of these things are still going strong. Some don't see as much action these days. 
He's five going on eight you know. End of an era.
We're big into games, inventing, building and science gear's another chapter unfolding.
And books, oh, books! We'll have 80+ books out from the library at any one time. 
Er, and our own library. Book fiends! I love it.


  1. Wow, what an amazing shop! We are going through the same thing ~ more into finding out about things, building and riding bikes rather than 'playing'. It's still a great time, love that you guys are massive books worms. jxx

    1. it's such a beautiful shift isn't it? there's only a wee part of me mourning the toddler pure instinctual play. x

  2. Beautiful shop!!!! I must make one of this to my doughters! I love your blog!
    Cate from Italy