Saturday, February 2, 2013

crafting with the boy

We are about to plunge into our homeschooling term and while looking at some new resources online i came across a cool project on Activity Village: making a set of russian dolls that fit into one another. Great for storytelling.
However, i knew the pretty doll thing wasn't going to fly with the boy.
 So, i made them a monster family.
I traced around the general shape of the doll and free form drew some monstery sort of details, went over them in black marker and presented my idea to the boy. The doll page came out and the eyes rolled. i had suspected, then i pulled out the monster pages...and his eyes lit up.
We decorated them and cut them out. Glued on the supports (also downloadable from Activity Village) and i also added a strip of paper to reinforce the head of the monsters. I suppose you could use card for a more robust monster or doll.
Jed was very proud of his samurai warrior monster. He will often get frustrated with writing and artwork because his brain is way ahead of what his hands can do. But this one, he was so happy with.
Makes a mama's heart sing to see that.
 They all fit nicely together.
You can find Activity Village HERE.

Some other sites i have found lovely, inspiring or useful for Jed projects and ideas are:
National Geographic Kids,
Living Montessori Now ,
and the Magic Onion.


  1. What fun; it's a delight to see your creative approaches in action.

    1. Thanks Juliet. It makes it fun for me too! x

  2. Love the monster variation! Great idea! :)

    1. Thanks Mary...the cute dolls just weren't going to do it for him! x