Thursday, February 14, 2013

crafting with children (for the brave)

I got the idea for this craft project from Meg's lovely Sew Liberated blog. It's a great way to use up all those old crayons that every household with young children seems to accumulate.
I have to say though: this is not a project for the faint hearted, for those with very small children or for very hot days (or the crayon gratings that inevitably get scattered melt)
You grate the crayons (i managed to grate myself a few times and i had to look away when Jed was doing his), sort them into colours...
 And sprinkle onto wax paper in whatever design or colour formations you like.
 Fold over and iron. The heat of the iron heats the crayon gratings...
 ...into a sort of stained glass effect. 
 And a great cue for conversations about liquids and solids and the effect of heat in changing some substances (for those scientifically minded among us!).
 I sewed a purple piece of bias binding along the top to hang it, but you could use tape or even staples. 
A beautiful way to decorate outdoor spaces. I didn't get a good picture to really show them off...but you get the idea. Plus, we didn't want to put them in direct's summer here and so hot we thought the sun would melt the crayon art and we'd get waxy drips all over the freshly cleaned deck.

I am hearing from friends in the Northern Hemisphere how wet, deep in snow or cold it in New Zealand, we're baking, with no rain in sight for weeks on end. Surrender, that's what my plan is...let go of the garden baking hard and cracking and just enjoy. 
Have a beautiful weekend people. xx


  1. I remember doing this as a kid. I'll definitely have to revisit it with my girls - maybe when the weather cools down a bit.

    1. definitely a winter activity i reckon! I was surprised i had never come across this one before. Love to see pics of your creations. x

  2. I did this activity with my kids and I am sure they had fun and they enjoyed every minute. Thanks for the new idea.