Tuesday, February 12, 2013

garden woes and plant medicine workshop -spaces left!

                                          Borage flowers and seeds.

The garden has been a bit neglected of late. It is always like this. I start off with a hiss and a roar in spring and more than often than not, peter off into a sort of whimper by mid-summer.  It’s amazing what the garden can produce under such negligence....the harvest is in full swing, despite my neglect.
It’s also incredibly dry out there. There is a fire ban on and no rain in sight for ANOTHER ten days. A toddler could safely swim in my water tank at the moment. Sigh. I’m eyeing up the number to call for the water tanker.

I find the self sown plants the strongest in challenging seasons like these. Next best are the plants we grew from collected seed. 
We have been picking violets, calendula’s and borage to freeze into our ice cubes this week. It makes for such a cheery drink on these hot summer afternoons.
You can learn other nifty herbal tricks like these at next weekend's Plant Medicine Workshop. (How's that for a seguay? Smooth huh?!)

For Auckland locals: There are a few places left for the workshop. It runs from 10-1 on Saturday the 23rd of February. Homemade morning tea included. Sliding scale $30-45...you decide. Venue is in Titirangi. 
The Plant Medicine workshop covers the basics of using commonly found plants as medicine to treat a variety of ailments. You take home your own copy of my plant medicine handbook.  
Click on the Plant medicine link on the right on the sidebar there for more information and my email address.
Get in touch and come along. It is always fun.

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