Saturday, February 23, 2013

i got mail

I LOVE getting mail. I always have, ever since I was a wee girl with pen pals (remember those?!)
I received a surprise package from one of you lovely readers this week. This beautiful orange, lemon and green themed pile of vintage and handmade deliciousness. Thank you so much Lisa, your giving spirit lifted my flagging spirit no end this week! Every time i see those vibrant colours in my kitchen they make me smile. 
This little guy hitched a lift in from the mail box....
...s/he was artfully arranged on this lovely postcard. Sent by the lovely Ellie May, editor of Extracurricular magazine on Valentine's Day to say thanks for all my work on the magazine since Issue #3...awww, sweet!
It's been a blast Ellie, so proud to be part of the EC crew. It's my favourite magazine. 

I have a good line-up of posts jostling for attention this week. See you then.
Happy weekend folks. x

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