Sunday, February 10, 2013

maths is just life

We have been loving the wind in our hair lately. 
Usually at top speed on our bikes.
I love that mine has a basket in the front...seems to me that bike baskets need to be staple for mama bicyclists. 
We stopped to pick the rabbit some greens, collected some empty bottles from the roadside, picked flowers, and for some reason a potato travelled with us. Now, what is a mama to do without a basket?!

I am learning to balance our homeschooling sessions with different approach's to learning. I try and build on what the boy is excited about, include lots of art and hands on experiments and step back and let the magic unfold. Kids have the best ideas, sometimes I can set the table up and am gobsmacked by where Jed takes the session. And in between there is plenty of play, bike time, crafting and outdoor adventure. 
Learning happens all the time everywhere.

About a month ago Jed said 'I don't like maths'. I think that line had come from a story he'd been listening to.
All that week, as we moved through our days we explored how we used maths every day...measuring when baking from recipe's, while crafting, how the animal rescue centre measured out medications, paying for treasure at the thrift shop, sharing cookies between friends. We'd just sit back and explore ways to work things out.
It was never ending. Maths was everywhere.
At the end of week, we were out and while paying for some fruit at our orchard, Jed sagely nodded his head and said, 'hmmm, yes, i see...maths is just life'. 


  1. Maths is just life... I will remember that one with my son. Thanks

  2. You're welcome Mason...i may have to remind my boy of his five year old's insight in the future too. x

  3. I love that so much ! Way to go Jed....Jx