Friday, February 8, 2013

the changing face of GrowMama

So, this here is what you saw last time you popped by.

I had been planning to stage a blog overhaul and take this here lovely space in blogdom to a whole other level this year. And, well... work, health and fertility drama's have gotten in the way thus far.
Late last night i was fiddling about with the blog's template and Blogger suddenly threw me a curveball. They took my old template design away. GAH! (A note to self: Strictly NO fiddling about with html when very tired!) Cheeky minstrels. 
So, there was no turning back. If you look around...things have changed a wee bit. There is much more i want to do with the blog but it'll happen little by little. One of the benefits of having a more modern template is that i have been able to add buttons so you can easily share GrowMama posts on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. A bunch of you have been bugging me about that: so voila...done! Share away. 

GrowMama's readership is growing in leaps and bounds which is so exciting and you all are inspiring me to get more serious about this place. I am having such fun dreaming up the year to come. Love to hear your ideas as always. 

In the meantime:

I have really been loving Stella's heartfelt posts HERE for another one for us womenfolk.
Have you met Erin over at BlueBirdBaby? Pop on over HERE.
And have you heard of the Living Root Bridges in India? Wow. I keep thinking about them. Go HERE.

It's the weekend tomorrow and before sneaking off for some mama-only thriftshopping and long walk-taking, i plan to make THIS breakfast. Mmmm. 
Happy weekend y'all. x


  1. Naw thanks for the shout out! The blog looks great, and I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of it unveiled... x

    1. thank YOU stella, i have been really inspired by your posting lately, so glad you sister (the lovely Rosa Mae) turned me onto your blog! And yes, i am curious to see what we come up for GrowMama too. x