Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The GrowMama superhero cape towel

Dressing up is big around here. 

We live near a beach and one day last year, after a swim, the little guy fastened his towel around his neck like a super hero cape. 
Hmmm, thought mama...and promptly got busy late into the night. On Solstice morning the little guy found a pixie hooded towel cape under the tree. He was stoked. So was mama! Nothing better than have someone's eyes light up at first seeing something you made, no designed and made especially for them! 

They use the cape's towelling super hero capabilities to dry themselves after a swim, then can fly all over the beach/puddle/bath/pool side, while keeping a teeny bit warm and keeping out of the hot NZ sun. 

Oh yes, our super hero towel cape gets ALOT of use and brings smiles to all who see it.
Next up: to make a mama sized one!

 (How many handmade items can you spot in this picture?!)
The cape towel is one of those spur of the moment designs that will forever live in our memories many good times. 
I just listed a cape towel in the GrowMama felt shop. More to come. Or you can commission me. 


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    1.'s always a good feeling when one of my creations is so well loved and used! x

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    1. Thanks J...i am sure you could whip one up too, (or three?!)xx

  3. Love it....hope this inspires my non-dress up son to start! Neat to revisit your blog after a time away. You've been up to some great adventures, including learning ones! I love the craft things you've been doing. Thanks for the ideas. Nicky x