Tuesday, February 19, 2013

wilderland and reStore

 I brought home a jar of this. Raw manuka honey from Wilderland Community in the Coromandel.
 Jed and i stumbled across their stall in the wee Whitianga market place.
Beautiful fresh organic produce.
 It's a good feeling to buy delicious organic produce from the good people who grow it.
Smiles all 'round. 

Speaking of the growers to buyers connection...I was thrilled to find some dear friends project online. Check out reStore in Chennai, India. It's a wonderful example of bringing organic produce straight to the consumer without waste. This is advanced fair trade. Sangeetha's parenting blog is in the Inspiring side bar over there on the right. Or click HERE, to be taken to: Love, Fresh Air and Sunshine.


  1. I love manuka honey! I always make sure I have some in the cupboard especially come winter time, when colds and sore throats are around.

    1. This jar of manuka honey lives in my medicine cabinet...it's wonderful to whip up my neighbours famous onion and honey tonic. xx

  2. So much goodness! Wonderful to be able to buy from the source. Am having trouble posting, so hope it works this time.