Friday, March 15, 2013

an outfit post - the comfort clothes

My take on outfit posts usually involves secondhand or handmade clothes. Upcycled or recycled. Found or made. I figure there is enough stuff in the world already and plus, I get bored looking on racks where it's all laid out and colour coded...MUCH more fun to rummage and make it up!
I like I can wear what I want on a limited financial outlook. I like the phrase, 'Anything is possible'. Like when I found these brand new sandals from a Melbourne boutique on for $7. Yeah!
Here's a peek into the daily life of go-to shirt and jeans feel-good favourite's.
I love the print on this shirt. I have never seen anything like it. It gets comments all the time. Even now, years of wear later and sporting several holes. It'll be a sad day when that one gets relegated to the rag bag!
And yes, that is a vintage handkerchief in that top picture. I pretty much always have one in my pocket. Handkerchiefs are a vital piece of this mama's outfit, even lurking in a pocket. I'm kinda old-fashioned like that. They are so useful. I am an unashamed fan of the handkerchief, just like my nana. (Don't get me started about aprons!)
 Did you know I have a thing about cardigans? Mine are mostly vintage and they get worn ALOT.  
The trusty favourite jeans and belt. A recent find is that Top Shop's moto brand of jean fits short-waisted curvy short women like me super well. It is a simple joy to finally find a jean that fits so well after years of safety pins, tucks and velcro. I trawled trademe until i had a pair in blue, grey and deep red. Love. 
And you'll notice my concession to this stinking hot summer...the jeans are rolled up. Shorts don't feature in my wardrobe too much. Skirts, yes...shorts...mmmm, not so much.

Grey jeans - Top Shop moto baxter jeans - $20 from
Blue vintage wool cardigan with pockets and cool buttons - $8 from Merlin's 
Chainmail and leather belt - Miss Sixty from trademe (was one of three belts for $16 i think)
Black leather sandals - $7 new off
Vintage polka dot handkerchief - 50 cents from the op shop (thrift store)
Shirt with vintage scene print - so long ago it's source is lost in was definitely secondhand

What's your comfy favourite outfit at the moment? 


  1. I use to have that top! I bought an extra large size when I was pregnant with Oscar. Such a great pattern. Comfort for me is a dress, I hardly ever wear pants....dress for me is cool and easy to move in and still look pretty. Great post Anissa. Jxx

    1. Hey J...that's so funny. I was thinking about copying the pattern, but i'd need to find a good jersey's the print and pattern combo that makes this one special. I went ten or more years without wearing jeans, i usually start the day (when it's cooler) in jeans and end up in a dress when the midday heat hits. xx

  2. Jeans! wow too hot for me in this weather. Love that shirt with the print - fabulous. Hope our paths cross soon - it's been too long. x s

    1. The day gets started in jeans then i downsize in layers as the day heats up. I think it's's been getting so hot i want to be able to wear cooler clothes as gets warmer.
      And yes, been way too long. Busy summer huh?!