Thursday, March 28, 2013

colour me autumn

Autumn's welcome chill is seeping into the nights here. I love this time of year. Digging out flannel pyjama;s (why, yes, they ARE made from upcycled vintage sheets!), but still being able to sneak down for a swim in the afternoons.
As the colours fade in the natural world, I always find myself drawn to bright colours, to wear, to create with and to give. I have been on the lookout for egg cups for awhile and was thrilled to find this set at the thrift shop.
They sit on my kitchen windowsill and the light coming through them in the afternoons makes my heart sing.
My very own rainbows.


  1. What a cheerful set of egg cups. I would have pounced on them too.

    1. Oh dear, i hope our paths never cross in an op shop juliet! Seems our tastes run similar. I'd like to think i would be graceful, but no guarantees if the thrifting fever strikes!