Tuesday, March 19, 2013

GrowMama unplugged

Here we are. Grateful the rains have come. As beautifully busy as ever. Making the most of summer's harvest bounty (Oh, blueberries and sweetcorn i will miss you so!) and pouncing on quiet moments whenever we come up on an unsuspecting one. 
Here we are unplugged and unedited. I realised recently that things had been looking a little too polished over here in Growmama blogworld, i want this space to inspire, but also to be real. We are. Oh yes...and today was real folks. Grumpiness struck and we had to take to the hills on our bikes to leave it behind. We got away. Phew. 
No matter how busy things get i try and keep our food whole and vibrant. This mess of a salad has to be fastest meal ever assembled and wins the the ugliest salad prize. And, quite possibly the most delicious. Could be that it was the romance of eating it in a homemade hut in a garden summer downpour. You be the judge. Baby spinach, blue cheese, freshly grated beetroot, sweetcorn, tamari roasted sunflower seeds, (you could omit the random leftover carrot sticks!) and french dressing. Wow. So good.
                               Chester's salad impersonation
In those hijacked quiet moments there has been alot of hut building lately. Alot of reading books in huts. Some unplugging of media and phones and some 'just being'. 
It's so good to just and be.

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