Sunday, March 17, 2013

natural pest control

We have had the pleasure of watering a neighbour's garden while they were away.
They are truly great folks and their garden and land reflects that. It's been a delight to look after it for them. 
Jed has been clearing their tomato plants of caterpillars and feeding them to the chickens with a sort of grisly delight. I am not sure how i feel about that, so i leave him to it and stick to the watering. The chickens are happy with this method of natural pest control. Ek!
 They are masters of camouflage these guys.
 Can you spot them?!
 Even the tiny ones got the chicken treatment.
As well as the chickens and bees, the trees there are just humming with native bird life. You have probably gathered from previous posts that we're deep in a drought here in the North Island of New Zealand. It is a testament to natural gardening that this garden we were looking after showed very little signs of drought damage. There were no cracks in the ground or wilted plants. A very stark contrast to the open lawn of our place, where there are great fissures running through the land and it is crisped where the sewage water run-off doesn't reach. 
Organic forest-like gardening 1, organic garden bordering open lawn 0! 

PS - These folks are legends in their own time in my eyes...they were involved in the free state of Frestonia back in the 70's, wow, what a time that must've been. In all the social justice work i was involved in, the folks of Frestonia were referred to in hushed and awed tones of voice. Now i get to hear the tales over cups of tea...don't you love it how life unfurls in the most unsuspected of ways sometimes?!)


  1. I deleted the comment above. It was left by a pest control company. That wasn't the kind of pest control i meant by my blog post title!

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