Saturday, April 13, 2013

fruit flowers

Did you know there is a five petalled flower inside every apple? Slice it sideways...and there it is.
And a four petalled flower inside feijoa's. Slice a red cabbage in half lengthways and it looks like a tree. 
This sort of fruit and vegetable exploration has been a source of great fascination around here lately. I thought we might try some fabric printing with fruits and vegetables this week. I'll let you know how we go. I think it might be one of those things that works super well in my mind, but in reality...well, let's see.

Jed has been asking people whether they know about this natural fruit and vegetable art and we've been surprised at the responses. The small one said, 'There is so much going on right under our noses that we don't realise'. True that. That's one of the gifts to having children in your life. All that everyday magic...they are like magnets for it. We get to go along for the ride. 

My annual link to the easiest, most delicious apple and feijoa cake ever: 
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  1. In my ritual groups, we used to cut open an apple to see the pentacle: a sign of the goddess in old traditions. How wonderful that Jed is on such a path of discovery.

  2. our small people are very pleased to be back home where there are several neighbourhood fejoa trees they can harvest from