Thursday, April 11, 2013

grounding grumpsters

The definition of the word ‘grounding’ is different in our household now than the one I knew growing up. Grounding then, meant the punishment for some offence. Probably coming home after curfew as a teenager. Mostly a threat, rather than my reality.
Grounding today, re-connect. To have some space from a busy life, to have quiet time. Often what is needed is to get out into nature. We are blessed to live sandwiched between a national park and the beach. We have some big changes in our lives we are adjusting to, and transitions are not our strong suit around here. This has meant a few grumpy days lately. 

My solution? Getting out into the garden or bush, sitting still and following natures lead. 

This week we have watched  a kereru up close as it fed on cabbage tree berries, explored the rat tunnel extravaganza in the compost heap, chatted to a little wild mouse that wasn’t afraid of us, hung out with a katydid and sketched a weta in a surprise location. I notice each of these little adventures leaves us calmer, breathing deeper, and  any grumping ceases for a good long time afterwards. I call it natural meditation. It’s like connecting into the world beyond our own busy minds. 
And thank goodness for that, because my mind has been just crammed to the brim with what Jed calls 'adult silliness'. Sigh!

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