Thursday, April 25, 2013

Local Goodness - Outie

Local Goodness. It's a series here at GrowMama.
I'll be profiling or taking a peek into various cool businesses, products and places aroundabout here. 
We're talking eco-minded, progressive smaller endeavours, with a definite more'ish quality.
How to define the boundaries of what is local to me? I'm going to take liberties there.
Even if you don't live around here, we can all do with a dollop of inspiration and a dose of voyeurism into someone else's heartfelt worklife, no?! 
If you need to buy something, shop local and give your money where it'll count...give it to the good people! Support local goodness.
Introducing Katrina from Outie:
How long has your business been going? Outie began when I fell pregnant with Beau. I started designing Belly Bump tees for myself and before I knew it, more mamas-to-be wanted them too. Outie formally began in September 2012 when I managed to get a website built and started a facebook page – so it is only a little ‘baby’ business at 7 months old.

Do you work from home? I work from home, which is quite remote. That has it’s difficulties. There is no broadband so we use Satellite internet – it’s expensive and sometimes runs out. In those times I sneakily update things with my phone. Mostly living in the bush is AWESOME though. Regular muddy adventures, lots of quiet and fun bush walks to explore means that it is difficult to ever get bored if you like the outdoors.
What do you stock? Make? And why? I make belly-bump tees because I loved them so much when I was pregnant and I think pregnancy should be a fun time. Vomoflage tees because I feel like the daddies often miss out and they need something special too. Splat Mats because I like to keep  a clean house and these have saved my floors over and over again – and they are up-cycled from advertising which is important to me. (Trying to have a sustainable/environmentally responsible business). I recently started making baby blankets too! It seems like my products just evolve alongside my shifting role as a new parent.
How do you juggle work and parenting small ones?! Any tips for the rest of us?!
- I plan my week in advance so there are not many decisions to make and I can focus on the task at hand.
- I allow for down time to ‘just play’.
- I use the time that my man is home to get a big list sorted while he takes Beau to the beach/for a walk to give me some concentrated working time.
- I try not to obsess over things that don’t matter in the bigger picture (like being the perfect housekeeper which was a big thing I had to let go initially because I drove myself insane making my house look perfect every day only to have it undo itself in three seconds flat…)


Tell us about a highlight? I sent a ‘Royal Baby’ tee to the Duchess of Cambridge and she returned it. I was disappointed but I tried to turn it into a positive experience by auctioning it off for charity. Consequently the media published some stories about it and I managed to get more publicity than I would ever be able to afford on my ‘negative’ budget.
What’s your plan for the future? I want to make everything locally. At this stage (establishing the brand) I have to try and do things cost effectively. Hopefully I will be able to sell sufficient volumes of my product to afford to a) stay at home and b) manufacture my tees locally. I buy them locally but they are made in China. I would love to be all NZ made in the future. I do my bit in other ways (recycling local advertising/using local printing companies/reusing packaging etc) but in my ideal future bubble, Outie will be all Outie-aroha in Aotearoa. 

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me Katrina. You can see more Outie goodness HERE.

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