Tuesday, April 2, 2013

road trip taranaki

This past Easter long weekend we travelled from beach to beach. Well, with a rather long road trip in between. Note to all small children: the question, 'Are we there yet?' is henceforth banned. (I'm not joking either!) Luckily, Jed is a superstar travelling kid. I always make sure the good snacks, the stories on CD and the things to do basket is full. And a few surprises to pull out if things get messy. You never know. 
It was four days of road trip adventure, bug hunts, egg hunts, swims, late nights, good food, long walks and time spent with family and friends who go waaaay back. We gathered from all over NZ and abroad for a big birthday celebration. Kids were aged from 6 months to 23. Right on the beach. Jed and his cousin Arlo, were in constant kahoots. We had next door cabins so they ate meals together and just generally ran rampant. Hilarious. 
Friends were made. Jed is still talking about the fact his cousin took his caterpillar in the shower. I did say hilarious did i not?!
 This flock of geese flew low overhead morning and evening to great excitement and fanfare by the smalls.
Disappointed it was full tide, and so the rock pools were out of action, the cousins decided pirating was the way to go. 
 Much fun was had on the pirate ship they made from driftwood.
We adventured around the coastline to a real shipwreck. The remains of the steamer 'Gairloch', run aground in 1903. The boys were suitably impressed. So was I for that matter. The adventure to get there (long walk, fording streams, climbing rocks when already absolutely exhausted and on Jed's part, a nasty stubbed toe) only added to it's mystique. I think it is one of those times they'll remember all their lives. Good memories.
But sheesh, it's been a busy time. I am so ready for autumn and a slower pace!


  1. looks like a fantastic weekend adventure...cousins are the best

    1. It was good! And yes, we are lucky to have a troop of cousins and second cousins all about the same age. Very boy heavy though!

  2. Wow, that shipwreck looks amazing! What an adventure. Jxx

    1. Shipwreck totally grabbed our imaginations..both boys brought a bit of metal back with them and they are treasured possessions. Good times.