Thursday, April 18, 2013

Steiner school apple harvest picnic

We drove up a a long forgotten driveway to find a magically unkempt apple orchard of old varieties this morning. The rain stayed away long enough for our local Steiner school kindergarten classes to gather and wander the vast orchard fields.

We picked as much as we could carry and ate apples until we could eat no more.

The children favoured the ones 'touched by the sun'...apples sitting resplendent in rays of sunshine with a red blush. I could hear them saying under their breaths as they carefully picked, 'Twist and pull, gently'...reminding themselves how to pick an apple so the tree isn't damaged. Bless.

There were races to the beehives. A picnic in the long grass. Friends. Delicious food. Sunshine.

These two found each other on a busy street in town years ago and through them we mama's have become best of friends too. They are so different our children. And they love each other very much.
Makes a mama's heart swell to see such precious friendships of their own making grow.

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