Wednesday, May 22, 2013

a coffee break and whip up sad

I had a most delicious morning this morning. I sneaked off for a coffee and a catch up with a friend at a local cafĂ©.
I almost NEVER do that. Sheesh, it feeds the soul.
{Note to self: it is okay to take the morning for oneself.}
Wouldn't you know you know it, we spotted a new retro store just next door. You'll get a peep in the next Local Goodness post.
On the drive back I kept thinking about Kathreen Rickerson's kids. Kathreen was the founder of the whip up blog. She and her family were on a dream year-on-the-road trip when, a few days ago, she and her husband, Rob Shugg died while swimming. Their children, 10 and 13, were on the beach and found them. Awful. One of those terrible freak accidents. I just keep thinking about those kids. After seeing them all on the blog for years I kinda feel like I knew them, even though I didn't. Blogging is like that. Kathreen was a crafting queen, she did so much to help this wonderful online community and folks are giving it back anyway they know how.
There is a way to support their children HERE.
Life is so precious. Live it well. And let those you love know.

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