Sunday, May 5, 2013

but then there was Bloglovin'

So, I had intended for this post to be full of pictures of two little boys running rampant in the NZ bush, doing crazy things with rope, hanging from absurd heights over our river and playing at being Bear Grylls the younger. These fine pictures were to be interspersed with witty discourse and under the photo of dangling small children, comments such as 'sometimes, it is best to trust them and look away'.

But! Every single photo except for this first shot of a spider at the water's edge was blurry.
Grrr. I must've smeared the lens with something while on adventure.
Botheration. I had a funny feeling too. Ah well. Note to self etc.

And so, as a total aside, I will take this opportunity to marvel about Bloglovin'. Yes, I know many of you will know of it already. You can roll your eyes if you like. But you see, I had kept track of the blogs I followed by memory. Yup, I would just pop in whenever I thought to. No-one kept track of them for me, if didn't remember to go there, blogs dropped off my radar. I kinda liked the randomness of that approach. Pretty good way to keep your blog reading down and topical I must say. But then came Bloglovin'. Ahhh. It's free to sign up, you choose which blogs you follow and they'll let you know when they post. Easy peasy. I am really enjoying it. So convenient.

Go on, you know you want to! Follow GrowMama on Bloglovin'!

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