Tuesday, May 7, 2013

my other blog

What? Your other blog?! I hear you say?!
Ah, well, it is not strictly mine, although I created it, write for it and beckon lovely guest bloggers to it.
It is a fledgling blog. A work in progress. It is most lovely and restful space and those of you who are holistically minded might like to pop over there every now and then.
It's the East West Organics lifestyle blog. (Official name pending.)Interviews with well known eco- progressive folks, delicious wholefoods recipes, giveaways, craft tutorials, gardening tips, news from East West crew and the like.
I am lucky enough to be the East West Organics Social Media Manager. I work part time from my home office and at my hot desk in the office. It's important to me to create a worklife that lets me be the mama I want to be and do work I love to do. Preferably one that makes positive change in the world. I love a work place where meetings begin with hugs don't you?!
Today I had the pleasure of posting an autumn tutorial written for us by Melissa Wastney of the tinyhappy blog and author of the recently published and truly wonderful book, Sweet and Simple Handmade. Melissa's tutorial is how to make a hot water bottle cover out of a cardigan or jumper. It would make a perfect Mother's Day gift. I have one cut out and ready to sew already.
So cosy, I love my hot water bottle.
I have worked with Melissa several times, she took part in the GrowMama Creative mama series, and she has illustrated my articles in Extracurricular magazine. It is always a pleasure. She is truly a good soul. If you haven't discovered  her tinyhappy blog yet, you need to!

Click HERE for Melissa's hot water bottle cover tutorial. xx


  1. aw, thank you anissa! it was fun to join you over at your 'other' blog. would love to visit the store in real life one of these days as it sounds fab. have fun sewing your HWB cover! x

    1. Thank YOU Melissa! Glad you enjoyed the trip over to the East West Organics blog..it is a wee fledgling blog but it has such a great feel and vision. Next you come up i'll give you a special tour! x

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