Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pixie hoodies

Each season I check through Jed's drawers and take stock. A bunch of stuff gets passed on to the cousins and friends. I have to get sign off from every item that comes into his clothing repertoire because otherwise it won't get worn. Ever. So, I check in with him and we draw up a few things he'd like me to make for him or look for secondhand. (He REALLY has to twist my arm!)


I have been using the hoodie pattern from the Clothes Kids Love book by Nancy Langdon and Sabine Pollehn, for a few years now and it is a favourite. There are a bunch of easy to follow choices for custom designing your version...short sleeve, long sleeve, side panels, different hoods and they have a large size range. It is truly a must have book if you are a sewing mama. We love the simple pixie hood version. Top pic is a cosy olive green merino and above, (on his plane he just designed and built by himself) is a pixie hoodie in a super soft merino-cotton blend. Recognise the fabric?!
And, the exciting discovery of the year: my new twin needle. I got a few emails when I mentioned it so I thought I'd show you. This nifty little number gives you a super professional finished hem on knit fabrics. I used a stretch zigzag for years and it works fine. The twin needle just takes your seamstress'ing up a notch.

Like this. Fancy huh.
The little guy has worn his new hoodies every day and has requested two more: Success!

(If daunted, enter 'twin needle tutorial' into and you'll be away. )

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