Wednesday, May 29, 2013

rainy day adventures

We are out of the summer's drought and back to our usual soggy ex-temperate rainforest early winter sort of weather. RAINY! It was so wild today, that despite our colds we rugged up and went to the beach. Just for a bit. It was truly awesome. You can see the rain streaking down in this picture. You can't tell, but the waves were huge and the wind was whipping sea foam up and scooting in along the beach like little animals scurrying. Great fun to chase.
The other day in town we gave one of the cycle path/walkways from the edge of town a whirl. It rained on us then too but we made a shelter under the bough of a big ole grandmama oak tree and it stopped soon enough. A reader asked me what my most worn pair of shoes was the other day. GUMBOOTS! In the last few weeks anyway. (In case you were wondering too)
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