Friday, May 3, 2013

some simple sewing

At the last Sew Fun retreat I, er, talked rather a lot. I haven't been well for some time and was so relieved to be feeling better. I had been certain that this time I was going to prepare ahead of time and cut out the sewing I was going to do. Or at the very least decide what I would make.
Nope. I arrived with a pile of beautiful fabric, a sewing machine, thread, a few patterns, ideas and a quinoa salad.
I had gone halves in a huge length of this beautiful Japanese cotton jersey print with a dear friend at Fabric-a-brac last year and neither of us had cut into it yet. (I am looking forward to seeing what magic you create with yours Stacey!)
In between chats I cut out a merino pixie hoodie for Jed and made a start on a skirt using an Alabama Chanin pattern using a double thickness of black cotton jersey as the waistband. SO comfy!

But I knew I wouldn't wear a skirt too terribly much. And I loved that print. I wanted something I could wear with a lot more of my wardrobe. So I made an infinity scarf. Now there's a satisfying super fast sewing project! It came together in no time at all and if I had $10 for every comment I have had on it this week I'd be sitting pretty.
Talking with all those incredible women and basking in all their creative energy is always heartfelt goodness no matter how I am feeling, but it was great to come home from Sew Fun with something I love to wear.
Yay for super fast simple sewing projects!

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  1. such beautiful fabric...think I will have to try get to a Sew Fun one of these days