Tuesday, June 11, 2013

a weekend wander

I have lived in some beautiful places in my time. Croatia, Czech Republic,the pyrenean mountains in southern France to name a few. And somehow, not by plan, but by great fortune, I ended up in another gobsmackingly beautiful spot. I don't name it online anywhere (it's a small community and I am super security conscious) but i do feel very lucky to live here. I may not be able to pop down the road and buy takeaways (or more likely, a spool of cotton) but convenience is far outweighed by the joy I get looking out my window. 
Last Sunday, we set off on a walk. There are some stunning coastal and bush walks passing within minutes of our place. Just to be able to chuck it all in when we're fed up and head to the beach for a bit of fresh air and perspective, is such a treat.

We're actively looking at other places to move to and so time spent roaming here, or just sitting in the sun on the deck looking out to 'our' vast expanse' of sea and sky, is extra special.

Sheesh, it'll be hard to leave!


  1. What a special place you have. My son and I lived in our wild beach haven from when he was 2 till 6 years old, then kept visiting in weekends after we moved to town. It shaped his character. He will love the wilds forever. Don't worry about leaving. It will be in your little man's heart always.

  2. I'm not worried about him Juliet, more me! Actually , it's more the whole lifestyle shift for us both. I was telling Jed about you and your son growing up in your beach haven and still loving it now he's grown up. Jed liked that. x