Thursday, June 20, 2013

birthday popcorn

Popcorn has been a favourite snacky treat around here for awhile.Thing is, I am crap at making it. I can't tell you the number of burnt pots I have had to scrub out. The queen of multi-tasking gets distracted you see. Or, I stir and stir, determined not to get distracted and the darn stuff would refuse to pop at all. So, while I am not a fan of automatic and electric gizmoes, I have been wanting a popcorn popper for years. So, yay! I am not the proud owner of one.

Happiness! Yesterday started out a treat, with a bargain three hour pamper session and then lunch out with my favourite people. Then the achiness and sore throat started shouting at me and by 4pm I was a heap on the couch. And today was a long stormy one. Most of it was spent achey and shivery and reading Harry Potter out loud snuggled in bed. Which was most certainly NOT in the plans. Oh well, best laid plans and all that. Bonus though...there was delicious popcorn available for an easy dinner!

My favourite savoury popcorn 'recipe':
(inspired by Twin Oaks hammocks shop labour creditable popcorn making - happy hammocks making folks on the farm in Louisa, VA)

Pop your corn.
Spray with Braggs or soy sauce
Lightly sprinkle a bit of cayenne and copiously sprinkle with yeast flakes.
(Drizzle of melted butter along with the braggs/soy sauce optional)

And, better yet: it's kidproof! Yup, the little tykes won't go near the stuff, so mama' is all YOURS!
(Don't often hear that do you?!)


  1. Hope you feel better soon.

    1. Thanks Jen. I had a super busy work week then too. Got through it with grace though. One step at a time.

  2. We have a popcorn popper that I bought one Christmas many years ago. The best thing about it ( apart from no more burnt pots) is that the children were able to make the popcorn while I was busy with other things - a real bonus in my books. Now that they are all grown up it doesn't get used quite so much but every now & then when we have 'movie night' , someone drags it out from the back of the cupboard & we enjoy fresh popcorn again. Happy days.

    1. I loved this comment from you Annie. I wonder what traditions and memories will grow up around ours?! I do love it. I was a chronic popcorn pot burner. I confess!