Saturday, June 22, 2013

Focus On: Beauty

The 'Focus on' weekend series is my version of linky love. Each weekend I wax lyrical (briefly) on a topic and then profile a bunch of links associated with it. Part entertainment on these long winter nights here in the Southern Hemisphere (or downtime in those summer holidays over there in the Northern Hemisphere!) and part thought provoking. A blog reader I met on the street yesterday suggested I call GrowMama, 'the thinking woman's blog'. (I think I may have blushed.)

Today, we're looking at Beauty.

Now, it is not uncommon for me to look blank at someone naming something 'beautiful' in a shop window. This can be turned around too...someone I find insanely beautiful may not elicit the same response for you. Clearly we don't all share the same definition of beauty. The trick is, to be true enough to yourself to connect with what YOU think is beautiful, not what the culture around us dictates is beautiful. For me, the physical and the internal life of someone or something conjure up the beauty. It's a package deal. To generalise, our western mainstream culture validates skinny, white and a particular sort of face and grooming as 'beautiful'...divorcing the external from the person. Then there are people who fall between our culture's cracks...born into the 'wrong' body by a quirk of nature, those that blur the lines between gender. Surely true beauty is being fully, unapologetically ourselves? Our challenge is reclaim our beauty, all of it. And those of others. Inside and out.

One of the most beautiful woman I ever saw was brown as a berry from the sun, round and frolicking in the waves in the Mediteranean Sea with her dogs. The beach was packed with tourists and she was oblivious to all the people looking each other up and down and the posturing...I couldn't take my eyes off her. She was so beautiful. She was so in her body, free in her movements and clearly very happy. Years later, the thought of her guides me and still brings a smile to my face. 

Rant over....lets link!

Check out Rick Guidotti's work on transforming our perceptions of beauty in this TedX talk. 

So I hardly ever watch TV but I do have a weakness for Project Runway...I love to see the creation of garment from the designboard up. Fabio Costa is by far my favourite designer. He and his flatmate Rebecca are launching NotEqual, an androgynous clothing label. I like it very much.

This lady, Holly Maniatti, reminded me of that beautiful woman i saw playing in the waves year ago...check out the clip of her sign interpreting at Bonnaroo Music Festival. Holy!

Humans of New York. Beauty abounds! I love that city.

Anyone with a toe dipped into the world of social media has probably heard of Lizzie Velasquez, by either her youtube 'What is beautiful' clip, or her TedX talk.

Beauty through the ages in photos. Interesting. 

Then there is the beautiful Brittany Gibbons and Cameron Russell's TedX talks.

Jade Beall's 'A Beautiful Body' book looks to celebrate our bodies just as we are. Yes! Beautiful!

In the weekend's to come, our focus might be on: Power, Mamahood, Food, Learning, Gender, Aging...and I'd love to hear any topics you'd like to suggest. My son Jed suggested Lego, Harry Potter, survival skills and gnomes!

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