Friday, June 14, 2013

four years of GrowMama

It's GrowMama's fourth anniversary this month.
I can hardly believe it, my little blog is growing up so fast.

I thought it about time I went public with the GrowMama facebook page.
Thank you to the supportive readers who have been quietly egging me on!
I would love if you'd click on over the facebook page and 'like' it.

To celebrate GrowMama turning four I have a few giveaways coming up.
Stay tuned for those.
Alongside GrowMama's is my birthday, coming up pretty darn soon.
Jed asked me if I was having trouble sleeping because I was so excited. Hmm.
It changes once you grow up huh?!
Nevertheless, plans are being made and secrets are being whispered.
 I like mine to start with breakfast in bed, how about you?


  1. the new blog looks great, hope you have a fabulous birthday too xx

    1. Thanks Gabrielle, the boys are sending me on a three hour pamper package. I am trying to talk myself out of taking my lap top or a book...3 whole hours! x

  2. Congrats! We must have started our blogs at the same time! I'm 4 years in June too xxxx

    1. Congratulations to you too! I was pretty gobsmacked thinking about it...four years...well done us! x