Saturday, June 1, 2013

More mushroom magic

Exploring a remote area enroute to an open home recently, we found amanita mushrooms. The whole area smelt very mushroomy and we spotted about 6 different kinds. Borrowing a mushroom indentification book from the library was a good idea. We've been carrying it around with us, learning how to use the key and drawing from it.

There is something magical about them. I know i have waxed lyrical about mushrooms before, but they really are astounding. Did you know they are in a classification all on their own? Not animals, but not plants either? Jed told me that today. Some little critter had been nibbling on this one. I think there may have been a rabbit or rat having a VERY interesting day nearby somewhere. Some folks I knew in the French Pyrenees prepared these in a special way with milk that was meant to render them both safe and hallucenogenic and had a terrible time. I kept hearing tales but I never met anyone in person who had enjoyed their intimate experience with Ms Amanita. Best left in the ground and admired there I reckon. 

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