Saturday, June 29, 2013

star baby tutorial

Here it is: the promised star baby tutorial. Great for toddler birthday presents. Even greater for older kids to make themselves.

What you need: sheets of felt - two colours, paper and pencil, natural wool or scraps for stuffing, thread, scissors, a wooden bead for the head, craft glue, steady hands and gold star for tum optional.

Step one: free hand draw your star baby body and hat shape onto paper and cut it out. This is your pattern.
Step two: cut out two star baby body shapes (in different colours) and one hat.

Step three: Press your two star baby body pieces together and sew together in whatever stitch you like. Leave a gap for the head opening.

Step four: sew the hat closed to make a cone shape.

Step five: stuff the star baby to desired squidginess. Sew the opening up firmly and stitch up the final flap (that pointier bit).
Step six: Trim the pointy bit of felt where the wooden bead/head slides on so it will fit. Use your needle or a knitting needle to coax the felt through the hole in the bead. It should poke up the top. I use my closed scissors point to clear the hole of any rough bits and widen it a bit.
Step seven: Secure the bead/head on with your needle and thread. Pay attention to which side of the head you'd like to be the front and make sure your stitches will be hidden by the hat.

Step eight: glue the hat firmly onto the head, making sure the back of the hat completely hides your stitches from sewing the head on.
Step nine: Glue the star on if you are using one. And ta dah... one star baby!

Here's a picture of all the steps in progression. Oh, except for the hat had been sewn earlier. Hmm. A brain fog moment captured in film. I love those.
The original star baby post is HERE.

Rainbow gnomes were a hot favourite here for years. They are also fun to make. Even easier than star babies. You can see them at play here. 

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