Wednesday, July 31, 2013

birthday fever

A quick piece of photographic evidence of why it's quiet around. here. Yup, it's birthday fever! The little guy turned 6 today. We have been caught up in days of celebratory greatness. So. Much. Fun.
And I haven't seen him this fried in ages. 
Let's just say the boy knows how to throw a good party.
He plans it. Menu. Games. Decor. We craft alot in the week before his birthday and pretty much try and make it happen the way he envisioned it. 
For those in the Lego spheres, the cake was a Chima speedor ramp...the lion speedor was meant to zoom up the icing ramp and smash into the Chima raven castle of gourmet jelly beans and send them all tumbling. Turns out the speedor got bogged in the icing (in case you plan on recreating it, I was thinking to pave the ramp with chocolate tiles if there was a next time) but it didn't matter. It was fun trying and damn, that cake was good!


  1. Happy Birthday to Jed, the cake looks fabulous, my boys would very much appreciate it

  2. Thanks folks. I will pass on the birthday love. x