Monday, July 29, 2013

extracurricular storytelling

It is always exciting to see the latest issue of Extracurricular magazine arrive in the mailbox. 
This issue's them is 'Tall tales', or storytelling. I got to interview Eve Gordon of 'The Dust Palace'...about how she and her circus inspired theatre company tell their stories. 

Jed got a diablo for his birthday and that inspired us to get out all our circus gear...juggling balls, hoops, juggling clubs and balancing sticks all came out for a play in the sun today. Fun stuff. 
I used to travel around Europe on the proceeds of a hat laid out in the street and various town squares. Sigh, it seems like another life ago. 

The extracurricular blog has vendors listed in the sidebar here, or you can order your Extracurricular magazine on There isn't a magazine anything remotely like it in New Zealand. I love writing for it.
Almost as much as I like reading it. xx

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