Friday, July 19, 2013

grandma's gift

I found a parcel in my mailbox. It's contents brought tears to my eyes. Not just because it was sent from a very dear friend, Jasminka. Not just because it came all the way from her home country, Hrvatska. (Croatia) And not only because the parcel contained this exquisite piece of fabric made from one of my favourite plants, the quietly beautiful flax plant.
Tears came because Jasminka's grandmother sowed these flax seeds. She tended them and harvested them. She spun the flax fibre as her ancestors had done before her and she wove this cloth fifty years ago.
I was so touched to receive this. Honoured to be entrusted with such a gift.
And, Jasminka knows me well. She knows this beautiful fabric will be treasured. 

I met Jasminka in the war. She did an amazing job working in the Red Cross headquarters during the Balkan war in the 1990's. I met her then. Jasminka worked in the radio room. She heard such hard stories every day and gave her grace and her calm in response. Such people are a blessing.  I miss her. Having her grandmothers flax cloth is like a bridge and I smile whenever my eye rests on it. This tops my list of greatest gifts.


  1. WOW that really is a special gift.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  2. Lovely, and it must be so soft.

    Brings little tears to my eyes too x

    1. Actually homespun flax is super soft after it gets lots of wear or use. To start with it holds its shape. It feels great, but I wouldn't say soft. I had some handmade pieces from the early 1900's when i lived in Croatia and they were super soft but an unworn over-tunic was quite stiff...depends on the weave and the wear.