Wednesday, July 3, 2013

this magical winterland

My camera battery died in the line of duty and I am waiting for another to arrive in the mail. I so miss my camera. It's funny, I didn't realise how attached I was to using it and find myself reaching for it all the time. Frustrating! But kinda interesting to observe. 
Anyway...winter. Lanterns, Wild beach, warm house and the glow of the fire, rain and grey skies. Lots of rain. Hard times for some of us in the household. And lots of  work. (The East West Natural Health Clinic had it's opening day on Sunday and was a great success, hoorah!) So when the sun came out. So did we. We've been bundling up and heading for the beach, or basking on our deck whenever there's a break in the weather.

We've been in muddy puddles. Yes, both of us!

Climbed rocks.

Drew a gallery's worth of art in the sand. 

Even if the sun has been watered down with the occasional shower, it's well worth the wait. 
And as Jed said, 'I guess you don't get rainbows without the rain'.

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