Monday, August 26, 2013

a tea set come true

I kept an eye out for a tea set for years. It just didn't happen. I found a blue and white set that was, meh, okaaay...but it didn't make my heart sing to see it. It did just fine. But, tea drinking is a fine art in my world (not to mention a boon to procrastination, self nurturing and connecting with others) and I trusted that the dream receptacle would come in time. 

It has. And, it really does make my heart sing - in a retro folksy sort of a tune. It was a bit of a splash out, costing $25 for the set of five Wintertime Staffordshire cups and saucers. (For those of you new to GrowMama, that's alot for me!) I packed up my other set immediately and set them aside for a market later in the year. I have caught the Spring clean-out bug and am going one better than holding fast to my rule of 'something in, something must go out'. We op shop queens have our code of honour!

Happiness, some days, is a quiet cup of tea amidst the chaos.

I am posting now, a wee bit early, but will link up with Max's Op Shop Show off tomorrow. 


  1. What a charming tea set. I think it was money well spent as you will use it every day, and your guests will get to enjoy it too. I wish you many pleasant tea-drinking hours.

    1. Thanks Juliet, i hope to share it with you one day. x